Estudio de evaluación y lecciones aprendidas sobre el uso de la tecnología móvil en el Proyecto Cacao Móvil


Main Objective

The dataset was collected to understand the adoption of movile technology for cacao and draw lessons and measure impact


Reyes, Byron (International Center for Tropical Agriculture - CIAT)
Gomez, Lorena (International Center for Tropical Agriculture - CIAT)

Collection dates

Start: 201706 - End: 201706


Description Vocabulary VocabularyURI Type
Decision and Policy Analysis - DAPA CIAT Research Area Keyword
Nicaragua AGROVOC Keyword
Honduras AGROVOC Keyword
Cacao Keyword
Cacao Móvil Keyword
El Salvador Keyword
Adoption of Technology topicClassification

Related publications


Name URL Type
Lutheran World Relief Producer


Label Description Tags Restricted reason/duration
LWR-Cuestionario_coordinadores_v2.pdf Open Complete survey used to collect information from project coordinators Questionnaire
LWR-Cuestionario_productores_final_ESyNI_mod.pdf Open Complete survey used to collect cacao producers information Questionnaire
LWR-Cuestionario_tecnicos_v2_ESyNI_mod.pdf Open Complete survey used to collect technichians information Questionnaire
LWR-Declaracion_consentimiento_coordinadores.pdf Open Concentment agreement from coordinators to collect and use their information Agreement
LWR-Declaracion_consentimiento_productores.pdf Open Concentment agreement from producers to collect and use data Agreement
LWR-Declaracion_consentimiento_tecnicos.pdf Open Concentment agreement from technichians to collect and use their data Agreement


Country State/Province City Other
Honduras Tegucigalpa
Nicaragua Managua
El Salvador San Salvador