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Socio-Economic datasets (Soecodat)

CIAT is always working towards improving its Open Access Policy and facilitate research initiatives throughout the world. CIAT has implemented a Socio-Economic Dataset display to make available all existing data from household and other surveys to the CIAT research community. We hope this initial initiative will help all of us to start working and have everything ready for making later on all data publically available later. Initially we are mapping all data available and provide links to the survey instruments and teams that collected the information with a brief description of its main objective.

Concept by

Robert Andrade Postdoctoral Fellow
Ricardo Labarta Senior Scientist & Impact Assessment Research Leader
Carolina García Research Data Coordinator
Derlyn Lourido Data Systems Analyst
Leroy Mwanzia Chief Data Officer


Andrade, Robert; Labarta, Ricardo; García, Carolina; Lourido, Derlyn; Mwanzia, Leroy, 2018, “Socio-economic datasets mapping visualization”, https://soecodat.ciat.cgiar.org,