Adoption & impacts of improved bean varieties (DIIVA project)


Main Objective

Estimate determinants of adoption of imnproved bean varieties Estimate productivity, food security and poverty impacts of the adoption of improved bean varieties


Labarta, Ricardo (International Center for Tropical Agriculture - CIAT) - ORCID: 0000-0003-3517-8768
Andrade, Robert (International Center for Tropical Agriculture - CIAT) - ORCID: 0000-0002-5764-3854
Katungi, Enid (International Center for Tropical Agriculture - CIAT) - ORCID: 0000-0003-0657-186x
Catherine Larochelle (Virginia Tech)
Jeff Alwang (Virginia Tech)
Josaphat Mugabo

Collection dates

Start: 201106 - End: 201106
Start: 201111 - End: 201111


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Agrobiodiversity - AGBIO CIAT Research Area Keyword
Food security AGROVOC Keyword
Beans AGROVOC Keyword
Economic impact Keyword
Poverty Keyword
Rwanda Keyword
Variety adoption Keyword
Variety adoption topicClassification

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Label Description Tags Restricted reason/duration
Final Questionnaire for Rwanda first round DIIVA.pdf Open Survey used to collect bean household producers information Questionnaire
Level-community-survey-questionnaire_Rwanda.pdf Open Survey used to collect community information from key representatives and leaders Questionnaire
Rwanda-consumption-questionnaire DIIVA.pdf Open Survey used to collect bean household consumers information Questionnaire


Country State/Province City Other
Rwanda Gasabo
Rwanda Rwamagana
Rwanda Kamonyi
Rwanda Muhanga
Rwanda Rusizi
Rwanda Rulindo
Rwanda Nyamasheke
Rwanda Gisagara
Rwanda Rubavu
Rwanda Kicukiro
Rwanda Karongi
Rwanda Musanze
Rwanda Nyabihu
Rwanda Nyamagabe
Rwanda Rutsiro
Rwanda Buguesera
Rwanda Gakenke
Rwanda Nyanza
Rwanda Ruhango
Rwanda Nyaruguru
Rwanda Gicumbi
Rwanda Burera
Rwanda Gatsibo
Rwanda Kirehe
Rwanda Ngoma
Rwanda Kayonza